The Devil Bunny Index

An inside joke goes horribly wrong, and a legend is born...
the legend of the
But we'll just call him Devil Bunny for short.

Devil Bunny has had many adventures and misadventures and caused all of the best kinds of trouble in the short time he's been around. In a matter of days, he was one of the most popular rodents in the SF goth club scene; an impressive feat when you're a hideous shade of neon pink. Beloved by many, feared by some, this page will do it's best to chronicle his life, as it is captured on film.

Devil Bunny's Day Out - The day Devil Bunny was born. This is a great place to start if you're not familiar with Devil Bunny.

Devil Bunny Gets A Dye-job - Someone's fur faded to a pale pink while he was sunning himself on the dash. Dyeing hair has never been quite this much fun!

Devil Bunny in Dixieland - A New Orleans travelogue.

Devil Bunny Millennium Spectacular - Devil Bunny at the Monolith New Year's Eve party 01/01/01.

Devil Bunny n' Friends - A collection of photos of Devil Bunny; with his buddies, at the club, at home and everywhere else, doing anything.

Dust Bunny - Devil Bunny does Burning Man 2002.

Devil Bunny Down Under - Devil Bunny goes to Australia.

Devil Bunny Plays With a Microwave - Ducky and Bunny Peeps jousting instructions!