Dust Bunny

Devil Bunny does Burning Man (2002).

I mentioned it on one of his other page, but BM 2002 was not Devil Bunny's first Burning Man. It was, however, the first BM that he went out and had a lot of fun. Being something of a creature from the pit of Hell, he prefers it when it's hot, and anyone who was at BM 2000 knows it was pretty damn cold if you were looking forward to 100 degree weather.

<<< On the playa

The desolate desert has never looked so inviting. This is DB (losing his formal bow-tie, sporting his new horns and even a fresh new set of extensions put in just for BM) kicking back with a water bottle out in the middle of Nevada nowhere.

DB & Adrian >>>

Devil Bunny made lots of new friends out at Burning Man this year (so many people in the Death Guild camp he'd never met before!). This is Adrian... more accurately, this is Adrian *before* he got the flash burns (after the flash-burns, he was in competition w/DB for the 'most garish shade of pink' award). Everyone is glad Adrian is better now!

<<< On Theo and bunnies

Theo is the son of one of the Death Guild men and fit into the group just as if he'd always been here. Granted, he doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs... and he didn't even tear himself up or break any bones while he was out there... but he's got GREEN hair, and he loves the work of Johnen Vasquez, so there's hope for him yet. Devil Bunny's just going to have to work a lot harder to corrupt him is all.

Our new favourite game >>>

Toss the bunny onto the playa, pick him up, and what do you get? DUST BUNNY! I got this shot of DB and Dan in the middle of a round of playtime. And no, the joke never really got old.

<<< Dome signs and dust bunnies

This is Todd, holding DB (who is sitting on part of the Death Guild Thunderdome sign that was eventually put on top of the dome). Being the poser that he is, DB did nothing to help, but that didn't stop him from posing with the sign...

Bunny and the boy >>>

Kurt here is Devil Bunny's favourite Death Guilder (because Kurt likes him *and* doesn't stuff bunnies down his pants like some of DB's other friends do)

<<< Bar-bunny

Aaron has been trying to set up a bar out on the playa for years, and finally pulled it off this year (with greater success than I think he imagined). Among the cooler things posted and hanging out at the bar (other than DB) were a sticker on one of the walls that read "Jesus had a mullet" and a red-light-outlined mudflap girl on the roof that you could see like a beacon from halfway across the playa.

A beer in one hand and a bunny in the other >>>

Kalico got a big kick out of Devil Bunny. Between the pink horror and the extensions and the little horns and pitchfork, she just lost it and started cracking up. DB liked the blue feathers in her hair.

<<< Dome bunny

Just for kicks, Devil Bunny started climbing the dome. Maybe next year I'll snag a photo of him on TOP of it.

Carmen and the cafe >>>

Camp DGTD was only about a 10 minute walk from the Center Camp Cafe, which made for nice evening walks; like the one we took with Carmen (who is looking rather menacingly at the camera, don't you think?)

<<< Spoon-Return Camp project

Just on the back side of our block was Spoon-Return Camp (SRC). The whole concept of their camp was to give out spoons to random people, have the people decorate the spoon, and then bring it back to the SRC. Being from Death Guild, we had to mangle this spoon considerably. By the time it got back to the SRC it was welded to a length of rebar, partially spray-painted black, wired round with washers, and (seeing as it was *my* spoon, and I was the token camp faerie) tied off with a tulle ribbon.

Devil at the Bunny Camp >>>

As it turned out, just a short 'bunny hop' from our camp was Bunny Camp! So many bunnies of so many sizes and shapes and colors, DB felt like he was at a new and wonderful home. Bunnies everywhere, UNITE!

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