Devil Bunny In Dixieland

"Is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
- Bourbon Street's newest pick-up line.

Of course, when I recently went to New Orleans, Devil Bunny went with me. What better place to 'cause trouble? As usual, the bunny got more attention than I did (lots of comments like "nice rabbit" and "what a cute bunny! oh look, it's got a pitchfork!" in addition to the above). Geez, you'd think my having orange hair would be enough to get someone's attention. Sheesh.

<<< Getting into the 'spirit'...

One of the things NOLA is known for is that whole being able to drink 24/7 thing. Not that Devil Bunny drinks (he would rather be evil by encouraging others to), but he liked that the flask was labeled "THE DEMON SPIRITS", so why not pose?

Lafayette Cemetary >>>

What would a trip to New Orleans be without haunting the local haunting grounds? Besides, Devil Bunny thought it would be a bit like the 'where's Waldo' game, only a little easier, being pink and all.

<<< Metarie Cemetary

Devil Bunny was particularly impressed with this crypt... not because it was Egyptian in theme, but rather because the door was open and it was rather inviting.

Spooky Goth Clubbing >>>

He just couldn't resist the glow of the black light off his fur. I mean, you don't get much more spooky than a blackened club with a candelabra and a glowing demon-spawn.

<<< Pirate's Alley Cafe

A favourite local hangout for the children of the night, Devil Bunny naturally chose the altar as a place to chill for the photo. Doesn't he just look like he fits right in?

Too much? >>>

After a couple weeks of the French Quarter, strange things can happen to you. While avoiding being drop-kicked off a balcony onto Bourbon Street, he did manage somehow, to end up head first in a water glass. Luckily, there was no water in the glass to muss up the fur.

<<< From the creator of the 'Jesus Bunny'

Devil Bunny met Suzanne late in the trip, and fell instantly in like with her. She has all this cool stuff in her house, like coffin string-lights and bunny ears on a Jesus figure... and tons of other spooky things that cry out 'mischief' in true DB fashion.

Overall, he had a wonderful time and hopes to go back and cause more trouble with Damian and the gang very soon.*

* A photo of Devil Bunny and his buddy Damian exists on Michelle's New Orleans travelogue page, bottom left.

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