Devil Bunny Plays With a Microwave!

Or, how to joust with Peeps*

This information used to be available on a separate web page, but I got bored with updating it. Besides, it makes just as much sense for Devil Bunny to be the keeper of the joust instructions as anyone else; maybe moreso, because he's the colour and shape of many Peeps.

Take a paper plate. Set two peeps (preferably the classic chick peep, as bunnies refuse to stand up and fight like a chick, but instead go on sit-down, or rather, lie-down strike) on the plate, facing one another, each armed with a toothpick lance. (Round toothpicks work better than square- sided toothpicks.) Make both jousters right-handed or both lefthanded. Place them on the plate so there's about half an inch between the tip of their lance and the breast of the other peep. Sound effects, challenges, growling noises, and so forth are optional, but may enhance your peeps experience. Place plate in microwave. Turn on microwave, standard setting, and watch through the door....

(spoiler alert - if you prefer to be surprised, don't read this next bit)

As you watch, and as the seconds tick away, you will notice that one or both peeps may tremble slightly, as if overcome with emotion or suddenly afflicted by qualms about this whole jousting thing. This will be followed by the inflation of both peeps, as if they took deep breaths and decided to go through with it, and then did the pufferfish thing at each other. As the peeps swell, their lance-points are advance toward -- and into -- each other. One peep's lance will strike home first, and the mortally wounded peep will deflate in a rush of hot, cotton-candy scented air.

Don't leave the peeps cooking for more than thirty-five seconds or so, depending on your microwave, as the sugar does burn. However, if you pull 'em out after peeps mortality occurs, you can (*very* carefully!) use two fresh toothpicks to scoop up the molten sugar and pull it kind of like taffy, holding it in the air for the moment it will take to harden. It's essentially a piece of roasted marshmallow candy at that point. Don't burn your mouth -- it's napalm marshmallow at first, so be careful. And the reason for the paper plate should be obvious, although some folks do prefer to do it on real plates and then scrub the enameling of molten sugar off later.

Have fun!

Peeps Jousting instructions (c) Elise Matthesen, 2001; reprinted by permission of the author, who is a kick-ass lady with amazing jewelcrafting talent and some of the coolest and most creative friends on the planet.

*PEEPS® is a registered trademarks of Just Born, Inc., Bethlehem, PA, USA. © 2005, a company that is neither endorsed or denounced by Devil Bunny himself. Mostly, he just likes the bunny shapes.

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