Devil Bunny & Friends

A miscellany of pink madness.

This page is basically just a collection of random Devil Bunny shots. Some of them are photos of him with friends. Some are just of him. All deserve to be seen by everyone.

<<< Devil Bunny on the web

Taking a cue from my daddio, Devil Bunny thought it would be fun to pose for a photo in front of his own website.

Spooky, the thing what squeeks >>>

Driving down to LA to see Neil and hang with thingies was a fun little road trip, made even more entertaining with the company of Spooky. Okay, maybe it was a Slave Labor thing, or maybe it was the sleep deprivation, or possibly it was the improvised lyrics to Madness, but DB and the rest of us really had a blast in the car.

<<< Evil and the Devil

Evil (the cat) and Devil Bunny sat still a quiet second for the shot. Moments later, possibly consumed by the rivalry of names, Evil attacked the bunny. It was a relentless battle. In the end, no one was really declared a winner, and somehow they remained friends.

Metal bunny? >>>

Abe is rather a silly cookie-monster-metal-madness monkey (not that you can tell he's silly from this picture). One day he'll be a famous musician and Devil Bunny will be in the front row at the local show.

<<< DB n' me

Despite the occasional rivalry for the spotlight, the bunny and me are fantastic friends, and have great times together. This ones an extra from a photo shoot. Shadows were uncooperative, but DB still looked pretty badass in my goggles.

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