Devil Bunny's Day Out

A Legend is born.

Devil Bunny's first day out exploring the world occured on June 8, 2000. It was a warm day in Los Angeles, and 'Walker and I were going to go to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, recommended to us by a friend. I was dressed up to be spooky; 'Walker usually attracts a fair amount of attention on his own; and Devil Bunny was feeling the need to cause a bit of trouble so we dragged him along with us.

<<< In the museum library

The day truly began at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. This is Devil Bunny at the library in the museum. Loaded with lots of old letters to the National Laboratory about scientific theory and  scientific theology; some of which makes you laugh and some of which just makes you furrow your brow and say "hmmm...

At the fountain outside the museum >>>

We didn't take very many pictures at the museum. While the lighting was a bit dim for pictures,Devil Bunny would like it known that he was simply far too involved in the exhibits to stop and take photos. He was particularly impressed with the bats... (not my influence, I swear!).

<<< Driving on I-405

Devil Bunny wasn't too fond of driving around in the car too much. His seat was on the dashboard, in the hot sun. And it's not like the view was amazing... just lots of other cars, with drivers who weren't looking at him and wondering what the heck the world needed with a neon pink demonic rabbit.

At the bead shop >>>

After our adventures at the museum, and surviving traffic on several freeways, I decided I needed to stop at the bead shop to pick up supplies for my Burning Man project. Devil Bunny thought it might be fun to come along and freak the other customers out a little. Only in LA can you place an evil bunny on a shop counter, pull out the digital camera and take photos with a dozen other people in the shop... none of which even seemed to notice.

<<< At Citywalk in Universal City

I remember thinking how nice it would be to have at least one picture of me on my vacation so I started to pose. Devil Bunny, being the truly evil little brat that he is, jumped up in front of me and Walker took the picture. And people wonder where he got his name*.

On the Harley ride >>>

After a bite to eat, we all (after the bead shop, we grew to a group of 5) went to go kill time at the arcade. A couple of the guys found a Harley Davidson game to play that Devil Bunny immediately fell in love with.

<<< Still at the arcade...

After the Harley ride, we all found air hockey to be the event of the evening. While Devil Bunny really liked the neon lighting (it made him glow an eerie shade of neon purple), it was rather annoying that the pucks kept flying off the table, and occasionally into other games.

The evening concluded with a viewing of Jackie Chan's latest, and a round of who's stalking whom.


* Devil Bunny exists... but why? Well, picture a bunch of devil bunnies bouncing around in fractal patterns in your head. This is the image I experience in the back of my mind every time I hear the song "Chango" by Ozomatli (track 7 on a cd that EVERYONE should own). I made the mistake of telling a few select friends about the psychotic demonic acid-trip devil bunnies in my head. Walker was one of the unfortunate victims of this joke. A few months ago he saw the bunny. Immediately, he thought of me, bought the bunny, added horns and a pitchfork, and the rest is history.

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