Devil Bunny Millennium Spectacular

Do you remember where you were at the dawn of the new millennium?

Devil Bunny was at Monolith, the Oakland warehouse party and *the* place to be to witness all kinds of mayhem and debauchery.

<<< And the evil-look award goes to...

Devil Bunny had a great time at the New Years party, and stopped to take photos with several of his partners in crime, like Eric here.

Squish! >>>

Sometimes his friends get a little carried away with the photo-taking craziness and they squeeze the little bunny out of the shots. Luckily, you can still find him 'cause he's all pink and evil...

<<< Held in awe

Sometimes, it appears, the enchantment of the Devil Bunny (with the aid of Oogey Boogey) is a bit too much for some to bear... or maybe they were just a bit intoxicated from the millennium festivities. We may never know the truth...

New Years kisses >>>

No New Years shindig would be complete without a kiss at midnight. And who better to get one from than one of your best friends? DJ Fernando and DB have been close from the get go. Here's to a new era of musical madness between the two.


I'd hesitate to say that Devil Bunny brings out the worst in people, but if this photo isn't proof that he brings out the silly in some of us, well I don't know what is.

Is that a rabbit in your... >>>

...Why yes, actually, it is! Devil Bunny gets a bit of the action on this momentus evening.

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