Devil Bunny Down Under

The southern hemisphere may never recover.

It was late summer in the southern half of the world. The weather was gorgeous, the roos were fuzzy, the batties were in full force at night, and Melbourne and Sydney could do nothing to prepare for the arrival of... the Devil Bunny!

<<< At the sanctuary

Devil Bunny had fun in the sun at the Healesville Sanctuary... but the shade was nice too. He made many friends there, including one Mr. Ibis, who talked his ear off about ceremonies of the dead - a hobby of our viscious little rodent.

In a mysterious crevice at Hanging Rock >>>

Devil Bunny can never miss an opportunity for climbing fun, so as we climbed higher and higher into more mysterious looking crevices (which were often the only places we could find shade - precious shade!) we occasionally posed for nifty pictures. DB wanted to explore this crevice further, but as I nearly lost him down there, I advised against it if he ever wanted to see his goth club friends again.

Sometimes you bargain with the Devil (Bunny) and win.

<<< In the car, with Cthulhu and Tigger, and TMBG

On the way to watch fuzzy fat and somewhat indecisive penguins playing in the surf, Devil Bunny and the stuffed animal car posse tormented Tree to the melodious raucous of They Might Be Giants (db note: Everybody sing along! "Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople. Been a long time gone, Constantinople, now a Turk's delight on a moonlit night..." hahaha, now it's stuck in your head!)

In a casino in downtown Melbourne >>>

Casinos are inherently evil places. How could Devil Bunny not pose for this photo? Besides, DB is hopelessly addicted to the TV show Angel, and he kind of idolizes Lorne. The flashy flair of the steps and fountain and the spiffy (and pinkish!) lighting. He couldn't resist. That, and some people were kind of staring at us taking the photo. He enjoyed every second of it.

<<< Roos and joeys at Koala Park in Sydney

Devil Bunny got a chance to roam free among some of the native wildlife of Australia in Koala Park. Here he happily took a rest break using a live joey as a couch. The joey didn't seem to mind it too much.

Which is more evil? >>>

"And Australia is entirely peopled with criminals," or so goes the line in The Princess Bride (one of DB's favourite movies - go figure, he likes pirates). Who is more evil looking here, Mute or Devil Bunny? You decide!

<<< DB and Sally-Thingie

For a few hours, it was uncertain whether or not Devil Bunny would be coming home with me or staying in Australia with Sally. He was awfully fond of her. Lots of fun times at the pub (not least of which was the discussion about the "boy animals" at the zoo), and many silly drunken photos that Devil Bunny felt guilty about putting up on a website (that's how much he liked her).

Obligatory bridge photo >>>

One final stop for Devil Bunny on his tour of Australia was the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Well, technically it was the Opera House... which is where he's sitting, posing in front of the bridge. He was tempted to even walk across the bridge, but decided it was too cold for him to be bothered when he could just hang out in one of the local pubs, corrupting locals into drinking before evening.

Devil Bunny really had a fabulous time in Australia and would like to thank the Lady Miss Tree and Ghost for putting him up in Melbourne, and Mute for his stay in Sydney. To Sally, Mike, Emma, Linz, and everyone else he met when he was there, he wishes nothing but the most fun sorts of mischief. Until the next time!

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