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"Out came the sun and dried up all the rain..."*

Generic update-related rambling

...And somehow we're already at about 2 months until Allistair's 3rd birthday. Whew. Where do the days go?

Let's see, recent updates worth noting: Allistair's first trip to the snow happened in the past few weeks. I blame Marisa. (This is a good thing, as Allistair really enjoyed the snow.) We all had a blast - Kurt got to ski. I got to play in the snow, and Allistair got to giggle a lot while I rode a boogie board down a small hill and crashed into him repeatedly (at his request). We also learned the hard way on that trip that Allistair can only handle about one night away from familiar surroundings at a time. We cut the trip short a few hours because he was homesick. What else? Ah, yes, the schitzophrenic tendencies of toddlers in daycare. Basically it goes like this - at daycare Allistair likes doing what the other kids are doing. What are they doing? They're taking naps every day and using the potty with regularity. At home, however, naps are apparently optional and using the potty requires serious bribery - and even then is something to scream and kick and cry about. Oh well. Despite the daily aggravation, things are progressing and he continues to grow and be a wonderful witty little monkey.

Speaking of growing... In general, we're at 3T or 4T. For American Apparel (where sizes are perpetually small), go up a size. I'd like to take a quick moment to point out that we still have wishlists up at Amazon, and at Target, but we expect no one to get us anything from said lists. Seriously - Allistair has A LOT of stuff and we're totally cool with getting a thoughtful card and call it done. We got overloaded over the holidays and still haven't let him play with all the stuff he got then. From the practical POV, though, I have to admit I'll never turn down free clothing. :) We *really* like the wide variety of black clothes available from Lucky L'il Devil, especially t-shirts (sized "toddler 4" or larger). And I can't say enough great things about booklist of things we already have. And, as always, AVOID STUFFED ANIMALS.

Allistair still has a LiveJournal account, which amuses me greatly. For the curious, I'm working on printing the whole thing out and turning it into a scrapbook. Whether LiveJournal dies or not, I like the idea of having a version of it that I can hold in my hands.

Stuff still to do to this site (again, a list for myself, which I'm continually changing as I see the need):
-fix busted "back" link on "me" page, and update the whole page!
-add photos to kitty page
-thingie photos (return of)
-updated bio
-Thunderdome photos from 2004 and 2005 (and a DGTD index page that leads to each year)

Recent page renovations

-This page! (I know, huge shock.)

-I've updated Allistair's booklist, in case anyone wants to add to his library.

The usual chatter

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can be a nice person, but I'm still only human. If you want to contact me and say hello, please remember that. Be nice. Treat me with respect. Understand that I have a life AWAY from this interwebby thing and may not get back to you quickly (and in some cases, at all). Also, please be aware that I'm not anyone's secretary or agent. If you're contacting me, it's because you want to talk to *me*, not my husband, not my favourite author, not my cat, or the baby, but me. How would you like it if I wanted to ask your mom a favour and so I contacted you and just talked about how great she is the whole time? Yeah. It sucks. I don't like it, so don't do it. Everyone is free to look all over these pages all they want (otherwise, what would be the point of uploading them?), but if you can't behave or treat me like an individual, please avoid actually contacting me. Hope you like what you find here. Thanks for stopping by!


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