Thing e & Polly!

Thing e is quite a full grown (and then some) kitty beast (Having been born on July 12, 2003). For those not well-versed in thing lore, her name comes from a love of The Cat in the Hat. There was Thing One. There was Thing Two. There really should have been a Thing p. And we have our very own Thing e. (My kitty is used in calculating continuous compound interest!)

And then there's Polly. Please take care to note the pirate patch (of fur) over her left eye. Her pseudonym is Black-Nose the Pirate (Destroyer of Rugs). While she is practically full grown now (having been born on April 16, 2004), she will always be the baby of the family. We even have doubts as to whether or not she'll ever really grow out of some of her kittenish behaviour.

At present, they're both still playful, attack each other regularly, and have occasional moments of cuddling together. Thing was getting out of hand with her size (nearly 15 lbs!), but she's on a diet now and the result is a more playful beastie, with a much less significant risk of diabetes. Polly seems to have maxed out at about 8 lbs, but she was super tiny to begin with, and was also the runt of the litter.

No, they are not related - we just call them sisters because they act like it. (Thing e, being often followed by her little sister, is usually found with ears pointed back and a look of "But Mom, she follows me everywhere!!!" on her face. Polly, on the other hand, always has to know what's going on with her big sis.)

Pictures are getting harder and harder to choose for them, but I've managed to find a few that represent them well enough. More will be added as they strike my fancy.

Here's little Thing admiring Kurt while he plays on the computer.

Little Thing e asleep on the couch. (She slept a lot at 8 weeks old.)

Kitten in a box! (Thing

Classic image of kitty licking lips (doesn't every cat page have at least one?). (Thing e)

Thankfully, she's a bit too big now for this to still be a problem. (Thing e)
For 14 seconds of insane kitten action (roughly a 4MB file), click here

(Thing e)

This used to be normal, but these days Thing e just drinks from the sink.

Claws! (Thing e)

Yawning kitty - or possibly roaring (Thing e)

Thing e on the porch.

Thing e on the prowl.

Thing e and Polly, getting to know each other.

Polly with Kurt. She's Daddy's little girl.

Polly in a close up - she's only 7 weeks old here.

Polly kitten, with a bright green eye.

Thing e, sleeping on the cables behind the computer.

Kurt and kitten.

Thing e and Polly, getting along.

Polly poses.

Someone doesn't notice that the water's still running.

Playing in the dresser.

Little miss Black-Nose the Pirate (Destroyer of Rugs).

Nosy Thing-beast (as distorted by a fisheye lens).

Everything below this line (except for most of the sentence that makes sense) is courtesy of Thing e, while I was trying to put together this page. Thanks to her, I know how to make a searchable index. Go kitty!

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