Death Guild Thunderdome
Burning Man 2004

The Fairy's Perspective

(Updated September 25, 2004.)

We actually had day fights for the first time in 3 years, meaning I could take digital video of fights and stuff on my little camera. This was very much an experiment. Next year, assuming I remember, I'll make them higher quality, so that the image is actually larger than a thumbnail. Oh, I'll also try to take pictures of people who aren't Kurt.
File sizes are approximate.

P9030041 Kurt points to the winner, Nate points to the top of the dome. 5 seconds. 0.5MB

P9030042 Most of a round of fighting between 2 people I've never met. This one's a pretty decent idea of Thunderdome fighting for those who have never seen a fight before. It's actually a pretty boring fight, but you get the idea. 38 seconds. 2.9MB

P9030043 Kurt declares the winner with a flourish of fancy staff work. Well, I thought it looked cool. 7 seconds. 0.6MB

P9030044 >>>The thumb dance!!!<<< Friends of Kurt (and people who I've mentioned this to who think I'm making it up), you must see this! 11 glorious seconds. 0.9MB

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People Pictures - coming later
individuals and group shots

Dome Pictures - coming later
dome building, dome battles, and pictures of the dome, and of the thunderdome sign

Car Pictures - coming later
car pictures, bike pictures, pictures of other things that are vehicles but don't quite fit into either the 'car' or 'bike' category.

"Stuff That Isn't DGTD" Pictures - coming later
the playa, other camps, art stuff that I thought was cool, etc.