Thing(ie)s you might find on afn-g!

Just when you thought it was safe to post to the newsgroup! Following is a list of gathered quotes, mis-quotes, odd and/or appropriate .sig files, songs made up/adapted by fellow Thingies, and general amusing and anecdotal miscellany, gathered here for your entertainment!

.sig heil!

Sometimes the words we have to say on the newsgroup aren't really the final words at all. Whether they have anything to do at all with what we're posting, or if they have a mind of their own, they often leave us with a smile, or even an occasional spit-take.

musical maladies

If you think some of the stuff you hear on the radio is something else, try letting the thingies get a hold of the tunes to manipulate to their own devices with a change of lyrics

good to know

Every now and again, we actually post something to the newsgroup that is pretty useful to know, or that is just good to be reminded of. I've tried to capture some of it here.  I'll have to go surfing deja to get some more when I have time (quit laughing).

the Hempel wars

On, you're either in love with Marc Hempel's art in The Kindly Ones or you can't stand it (or you're one of the very few who sit on the fence, but that's of no consequence here). The following dialogue ensued over the course of many posts. Sorry for the small type and the odd formatting. It was the only way I could think to put it all together to make sense.

random longer bits

Sometimes we just need to tell stories, or get stuff off our chests, whatever. This is some of the more interesting stuff that I didn't feel right about leaving in some newsgroup archive. Some of it's even kinda funny.

random short bits

Anecdotal remarks, punchy one-liners, basically, the stuff we're made of. This is what gives the thingies our personality. It may not be the bulk of what we say, but I'm glad I saved all this. To everyone who made this page what it is (and who made the newsgroup what *it* is), thanks for the fun. Enjoy!

cruel and unusual PUNishment

Otherwise known as "Scott's home away from home". Thingies can be rather crafty little wordsmiths, quite clever when put to the challenge (or was it 'quite challenged when put to being clever'?) - but only in the most cringingly satisfactory manners.

miscellany (incl. things we do when we're really bored)

This is just all the stuff I thought was neat to have a record of that didn't fit anywhere else. Most of it was inspired because we had too much free time on our hands, and not nearly enough oxygen in our grey matter.