Death Guild Thunderdome
Burning Man 2003

The Fairy's Perspective

(Updated June 14, 2004.)

Seeing how it took me so long to get them online, this had *better* be all the photos I've got from 2003.

Any questions, comments, requests to have photos taken off the site, hate mail, etc., can be directed to:

All photos on this site copyright me, 2003.

People Pictures
individuals and group shots

Dome Pictures
dome building, dome battles, and pictures of the dome, and of the thunderdome sign

Car Pictures
car pictures, bike pictures, pictures of other things that are vehicles but don't quite fit into either the 'car' or 'bike' category.

"Stuff That Isn't DGTD" Pictures
the playa, other camps, art stuff that I thought was cool, etc.

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