Death Guild Thunderdome
Burning Man 2001

The Faerie's Perspective

(Updated December 19, 2001.)

Okay, I think it's done (finally). Sorry that the big photos are still too big for the screen, but I wanted to make sure the high res photos were quality enough to run off on a printer, for those who wanted normal photos.

There are still likely to be a few glitches here and there, so let me know if there are broken links, missing links, blank pictures, or even horrid pictures you don't want anyone to see. In the meantime, it's pretty much as finished as I expect it to be.

Any questions, comments, hate mail, etc., can be directed to:

People Pictures
individuals and group shots

Dome Pictures
dome building, dome battles, and pictures of the dome

Car Pictures
um, car pictures

"Stuff That Isn't DGTD" Pictures
playa, other camp people, art stuff that I thought was cool, etc.
any art stuff from my Neil-ish faerie camp is here too.

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